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Happy Hypoxia Symptoms: Happy Hypoxia, if Happy is connected in front of its name, then it seems to be good. But let us tell you that it is just happy for the name. The term is associated with the corona epidemic which is proving fatal to humans. A new symptom of corona has been revealed, which has been named Happy Hypoxia.

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In the second wave of corona, Happy hypoxia disease is emerging as a new problem. This is one such symptom of corona in which neither the breath becomes bloated nor the fatigue will be felt. But Happy Hypoxia does its job secretly. Moreover, the oxygen bell will not ring in the body of the patient.

Many patients suffering from this have been exposed in covid hospitals. These patients did not have any symptoms, then suddenly the oxygen level decreased. Many patients suffering from this disease died during treatment. In this situation, the patient does not know, but after his lung is 70 percent bad, oxygen saturation is suddenly falling. In such a situation, the youth need to be more serious because they do not take the symptoms seriously.

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What is Happy Hypoxia symptom

Happy hypoxia is a new symptom of corona. Doctors say that corona patients do not show any symptoms in the beginning. The patient feels right, but suddenly the oxygen level falls and the situation becomes severe. And the patient needs to be admitted directly to the ICU. The risk of death increases as the problem becomes severe. Hypoxia affects kidney, brain, heart, and other major organ functions.

Necessary measures for rescue

  • Continuous monitoring of infected person is necessary
  • Keep checking oxygen level with pulse oximeter
  • Keep taking medicines on time
  • If oxygen saturation is less than 94%, go to the doctor immediately.
  • Do not ignore body changes

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Symptoms of hypoxia?

Symptoms of happy hypoxia occur between 6 and 9 days. The color of the lips changes, the skin takes a red, purple color. Sweating is persistent for no reason and a low level is seen in the oximeter.

In such a situation, it is important that every infected person strictly follows the guidelines. New symptoms are coming on the day of Corona. It is very important to know the new symptoms. Identification of different levels is also necessary. Stay in touch with your doctor.

Happy Hypoxia meaning 

Happy hypoxia means ” silent killer hypoxia”

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